Developed for show casing car statistics, how mobility has affected landscape of cities, resources and lifestyle. The project focused on how to show these statistics in a user friendly, exciting and fun way.


There are four types of content each representing different types of information:


  • Cars focus on the evolution of the cars and mobility.
  • Maps shows how mobility has affected us on a geographical scale.
  • Globes show how resources are connected to mobility on a global scale.
  • Graphs highlight data for the development of mobility over time.



Each type of representation has its own kind of animation and all of them can be interacted with. Globe can be rotated, animation time for a car can be changed, maps can be zoomed and panned, and so on. Most of the topics have various data sets that can be changed, some even have a data table that can be shown, e.g. number of cars in each country.


I was part of two of the projects for showing these statistics, which were called Sphere and Space.


The key setup for Sphere is to use a large touch setup for user interaction. The user can select subject by selecting stars in the universe. Each star has four satellites, which represents key topics to the selected subject.




Space is likewise represented by a universe, where each star has four satellites. However, Space was different in the way the user interacted with the universe. It uses the Kinect for tracking body and hand positions, e.g. where one hand would navigate the universe and the other hand would be able to do a select motion. It is likewise possible to control and interact with each form of statistic, e.g. a quick swipe with the hand would rotate the globe, two hands would pan the map and so on.




Both Sphere and Space have a pause screen feature, which is a spinning universe. If it is left alone for an amount of time, it will automaticly exit the topic selected and return to the universe.



  • Touch interface (Sphere).
  • Kinect interface (Space).
  • Large amount of information and statistics regarding cars, transportation and so on (both).
  • Unique and userfriendly design.


Additional notes:

The projects was developed in correlation with Base IO and Hosoya Schaefer Architects.



Base IO
Hosoya Schaefer Architects
Unity Studios



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