Let's Grow!



Let's Grow! is an iPad and Windows RT app, which focuses on the creativity in people by allowing them to create and modify plants. It gives the possiblity to create and cut stems, leaves and flowers. Even mold your leaves and flowers to your liking. As the Let's Grow! homepage states:


Explore your creativity, enjoy the beauty and relax with ‘Let’s Grow!’ app. Make your iPad your own private orangery, where you can create and admire beautiful plants and pots.



The plants growth is simulated in a natural and complex way, that allows for fascinating plant growth, even without modifying the plant. The app currently has 20 genomes that allow for varied plant life, like flowers, bushes and trees.



After creating a beautiful plant the user can showcase it in different environments, like Paris, the garden and photo studios. All to enhance the beauty of your plants.




  • Select up to 20 different genomes.
  • Natural and self-created plant growth.
  • Modify and reshape leaves and flowers.
  • Create and cut stems, leaves and flowers
  • Pose and share your plants on social medias.
  • Select up to 20 different pots to display your plant in.


Additional notes:

Available for Windows RT and iPad 2 and upwards.



Unity Studios