First letter:

"Dear Falcon,


This is it, our final chance. I will not kid you the prospect of survival on this mission is small, but based upon your previous achievements I gather that this is not a problem, and that you once again will show your excellence. As we learnt on your last mission the office building on 51st Grand Street is in fact a front for a government building and they have been sent several of the computing units that controls the infrastructure in the whole country. These units contains multiple encryption keys that, if we can get our hands on them, potentially help us make enough chaos in the public for our forces to attack their fortifications and lay their corruption to dust. Your mission is to infiltrate this office building and get these units. They might be spread our over the entire building. Your wrist PC should show you an overview map with the locations of the units. The locations have been supplied by an insider so they might or might not be true.


Good luck and remember you have the thoughts of the entire organization with you.




Second letter:



Our inside source has just admitted to have alerted the authorities.

Your cover is blown.

Army forces are storming the building as we speak!

They will try to capture you alive, do not let them!


Get the units and run!





  • The game is a FPS game.
  • No weapons.
  • The player can use bottles to distract the NPCs.
  • Two types of tools: Radar that can see NPCs and objective locations and a one-time invisibility tool.
  • Three different types of difficulty.


Additional notes:

The game is developed in C++ and based upon the Source engine used in games like Half-life 2.



Anders Ejlersen
Anders Tankred Holm
Kim Jung Nissen
Mads Bøgeskov
Rasmus Kristensen



No videos



NoEsc is not publicly available, since most of the content are assets from Half-life 2. However a version can be sent if one can prove to own the original Half-life 2.