A small strategic dice game, where every player starts with four dice. The goal of the game is not to be the last man sitting with a number of dice.


Every player rolls his dice at the start of every round. They make sure nobody can see his dice. Then in a round-robin fashion, every player must make a guess of how many of a kind is in play. E.g. the first player guess, that there are two of a kind in play, the next player guess that there are three fives in play, and so on. If a player thinks that the guess is wrong, then everyone will reveal their dice to see if the previous guess was right or wrong. If a guess was right then everybody loses a die, except the one who did not believe the guess. If the guess was wrong then everybody loses a die, except the one who made the previous guess.


There are various extra rules in the game, e.g. a stair is if a player has 1-2-3-4 (if the player only have three die, then 1-2-3), then it counts as five of a kind.



  • Dice game.
  • Multiplayer game for the browser.


Additional notes:

The client and server was developed in Java with the Netbeans IDE 6.7.1. Both client and server was developed from scratch.



Anders Ejlersen
Jais Heslegrave



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