This was a small personal project, which I thought would be fun to make. It basically uses a free database provided by CCP to construct a 3D-representation of the EVE Online universe. It does this by creating a particle for each system and draws the jump routes with the GL API provided by Unity Technologies. The camera movement provides the user with the option of seeing how big the EVE Online universe actually is. Its big, huge, gigantic, all at the same time.


The only part that worried me was the shear number of objects in the scene. I overcome this by making sure that all the systems were particles, and most of the text meshes aren't visible most of the time. This might not be a problem with todays laptops, but I made it run with ~80fps on my six year old laptop (2005).



  • Visual representation of the EVE Universe
  • Controls and information about various stars
  • Graphical representation of the security levels


Additional notes:

The project was implemented in Unity3D.



Anders Ejlersen



EVEMap (webplayer)



EVEMap v0.3 (newest)

EVEMap v0.3

EVEMap v0.2

EVEMap v0.1